SMART Recovery Programs in New Orleans Louisiana

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction please call us at (866) 601-3539.

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About SMART Recovery Meetings in New Orleans Louisiana

We appreciate that in person meetings may be a source of worry as a result of the Coronavirus. We’re in the process of reaching out to our in person facilitators to offer as well as support the change of some meetings from in-person to online. At this moment, the decision to do so is only as much as the conference organizers. We recommend you to verify this website’s conference schedule before making prep work to go to a conference, and to talk with your regional facilitator concerning any kind of questions or issues you may have. Read more concerning our COVID-19 response.

The public is welcome to attend local SMART Recovery conferences in New Orleans Louisiana (with the exemption of those that specify Personal or Specialized). If you have any concerns or call for additional information, please call the facilitator making use of the information supplied.

This checklist is updated regularly, and brand-new meetings are added as they become available. Maintain checking back due to the fact that new conferences are included on a normal basis if you do not see a conference in your area on the list.

If you come to a meeting place and also nobody exists, please call the facilitator to see if the conference is still on. Points show up every now and then that ban volunteer facilitators from going to. Please complete the Problematic Behavior Reporting type located below: problems.html if you are unable to call the facilitator or if 2 or more efforts to go to the conference are unsuccessful/no meeting is taking place.

There isn’t one currently arranged if there isn’t a conference detailed for your location.

Consider hosting a neighborhood SMART Recovery meeting or signing up with one of our on the internet conferences.

NOTE TO THERAPY CENTERS: We value your growing rate of interest in sending out people to clever conferences in their areas. We suggest alerting the facilitators ahead of time so they can handle logistics if needed if you’re sending out four or even more participants.


SMART Recovery is a charitable company based in the United States that assists people conquer their dependencies. Self-Management and also Recuperation Training (CLEVER) is a phrase for Self-Management and Recovery Training. The wise strategy makes use of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and non-confrontational inspiring strategies and is research-based and also nonreligious.

New Orleans SMART Recovery is a twelve-step program that offers a different to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and also other 12-step programs. Clever differs from AA because it watches dependency as an useless routine as opposed to an illness, as AA does, while acknowledging that some individuals are inclined to addicting habits. SMART Recovery in New Orleans does not highlight spiritual development as an important element of habits change, as well as hence does not motivate people to confess their powerlessness over their dependencies or to utilize the concept of a “Higher Power.”

If you or someone you know is currently attempting to quit using alcohol, help is only a phone call away. We can answer questions you have and share more information about our treatment options.

Give us a call today at (866) 601-3539 for information on various treatment options.